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  • Pre-K AM: (L to R) 3rd Place - Matthew Palizo, 1st Place - Love Flores, 2nd Place - Ian Bautista
  • Kinder: (L to R) Zianna Mendez, 3rd Place - Ashley Maldonado, 1st Place - Mateo Robles, 2nd Place - Alezae Sanchez
  • 1st Grade: (L to R)  Kayle Cantu, 3rd Place - Daniela Hernandez, 2nd Place - Christian Angelo, 1st Place - Esai Rendon, Alejandro Arriaga
  • 2nd Grade: (L to R) 2nd Place - William Gomez, Emma Olivo, 1st Place - Gabriel Benavides, 3rd Place - Camila Robles, Mason Dover
  • 3rd Grade: (L to R) 2nd Place - Abraham Martinez, Rolando Mendoza, 1st Place - Marcelo Gamboa, 3rd Place - Noel Guerra, Brandon Saito
  • 4th & 5th Grade: (L to R) Raymundo Reyes, Christian Hernandez, Riley Gaytan, Alfredo Hernandez, Kaitylyn Nguyen, Hector Hinojosa, Luis Cabrera, Regina Rodriguez, Raul Gutierrez, Jose Mendoza, Edgar Cantu
  • 4th & 5th Grade Winners: (L to R) 2nd Place - Hector Hinojosa, 1st Place - Raul Gutierrez, 3rd Place - Jose Mendoza